Uri-Go Human


Health care organizations deal with urine problems on a daily basis; Think of organizations such as: home care, disabled care, elderly care, hospital care; urine smell and urine stains are everywhere! These stains and unpleasant smell makes people feel uncomfortable and insecure.

Nothing is more uncomfortable then incontinence and the annoying smell of urine. You could think of urine stains in mattresses, pillows, (incontinence)covers, floors (right next to the toilet), carpet and clothing.

Uri-Go removes uric acid crystals from every fabric! It is not longer necessary to throw away pillows or other objects covered in urine stains! A perfect opportunity to save on budget! Uri-Go makes a room (or clothing) smell fresh and urine-free!

Cleaning companies
A clean room and clean sanitation is very important when visiting a hotel. A facility manager or cleaning company should know! Uri-Go helps to get public rooms shiny and fresh concerning; bathrooms and toilets in hotels, exhibition buildings, recreational parks, school buildings, gas stations, etc. Uri-Go makes urine smell and stains vanish permanently. This is established after a profound research. In this research several toilets, cleaned with different detergents, were inspected with a black light. It turned out that toilets cleaned with regular detergents showed multiple uric crystals when inspecting with the black light. The crystals mainly concentrate on the toilet seat and in the joint of the tiles. The toilet cleaned with Uri-Go was totally uric crystal free! The sanitary facilities have never been cleaner!
Households with children or incontinence problems
There is an accident waiting to happen everywhere; an overdue visit to the toilet, a little incident in the car or on the carpet, bedwetting, etc. You have to be prepared for anything when having (small) kids! Uri-Go is the solution for every unexpected incident. Uri-Go removes urine from any surface. Urine in mattresses or in the carpet; no urine stain is too big for Uri-Go! Thanks to the biodegradable formula you don’t have to worry about the health of your child.

Besides Uri-Go could be used when cleaning incontinence products.