Uri-Go Pets

Households with pets
Most of the households are familiar with the problem; pets urinating in the house on the most inconvenient moments. No worries! Uri-Go will make the smell and stains go away in no-time! You could even get rid of those nasty stains in your carpet! Uri-Go helps to get your pet fully toilet-trained! Pets are used to mark out their territory by urinating on one single place. This strong urine smell marks the spot so your pet keeps turning back to this place. The Uri-Go removes urine smell permanently, so the pet won’t recognize the spot and won’t urinate here again. Perfect for puppies and kittens! 


Companies and institutions working with animals
As Uri-Go has got a multi-usability Uri-Go could be used in veterinary clinics, animal shelters, pet stores and other animal residences.A surgical table is cleaned in no-time with Uri-Go. Just spray Uri-Go on the stains and let it desiccate. That’s all you have to do! Create a pleasant working and living environment for employees and animals by using Uri-Go! Besides, Uri-Go can’t miss out in a pet stores range. Pet stores could offer their clients a perfect solution for urine troubles.