No spot is safe for Uri-Go!

There is nothing more persistent than the smell and colour of urine caused by uric acid crystals. These crystals retain spots even after cleaning and washing. Besides, the smell never vanishes completely and even strengthens when spraying detergent on the smelly spot.

Does this sound familiar? Then Uri-Go is certainly worth trying! Uri-Go easily solves the uric acid crystals, which causes the smell to disappear permanently.

With a special blend of enzymes and bacteria Uri-Go demolishes the persistent crystal and eventually solves in water and oxygen. As you can see, Uri-Go is environmentally friendly.

This unique composition makes even urine stains which are a couple of years old disappear. Uri-Go vanishes urine of every subsurface, such as; furniture, sanitary ware, wood, tiles, carpet, textile, etc. Even blood and sweat are not safe for Uri-Go!

Uri-Go takes on every challenge!